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    With the electric pallet truck PX20 and our stacker trucks SX12 and SX16 CLARK, The inventor of the forklift presents strong and reliable warehouse

  • GOAT2 / GOAT4

    The GOAT is the perfect choice for hauling gear over tough terrain. Built to be your workhorse on the farm, worksite, or around the arena.

  • TRX4 / TRX6

    The TRX is designed for transporting up to six people through airport, hotel, event, and resort environments.

  • FBX2 / FBX4

    The FBX is the ideal vehicle for distribution and factory settings.

  • CBX2 / CBX4

    The CBX is a compact workhorse perfect for hauling lighter loads and up to four passengers in comfort.

  • GTS 20/25/30/33

    The GTS series is designed to tackle any task placed in its path.

  • C 60/70/75/80 GEN2

    With a capacity of up to 8,000 kg. the CLARK C60/70/75/80 is all the truck you will ever need.

  • C 40/45/50s/55s GEN2

    The GEN2 C40-55s is designed to tackle any task placed in its path.

  • C 20/25/30/35 GEN2

    The C20-35 series from CLARK marks a further highlight in the reliable, durable and powerful forklifts of the premium Gen2 series.

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