BT Lifter L-series

The BT Lifter L-series range has a model to suit each horizontal pallet transport, loading / unloading lorries as well as order picking movement.

BT Lifter H-series

Suitable for horizontal transport and order picking, the high lifting hand pallet trucks in the H-series offer lift heights up to 800 mm.

BT Lifter S-series

The two stacker trucks in the BT Lifter S-series range are hand operated, with the option of manual or electric lift to make it easier for the operator.

BT Optio L-series

The BT Optio L-series range consist of low level order pickers with a variety of elevating or fixed platform and some with elevating forks for improved picking ergonomy and opti

BT Optio M-series

The BT Optio M-series with its picking height up to 6,3 meters offers six models for guided or non-guided medium level order picking in space-restricted areas.


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