Electric forklift trucks 5–9 ton

Kalmar has long experience in manufacturing electric trucks. We offer electric trucks from 5 to 9 ton capacity in a varity of wheelbases and widths.

Forklift trucks 5–9 ton

The DCG50-90 industrial diesel forklift from Kalmar is a profitable investment.

Forklift trucks 9–18 ton

The Kalmar DCG90–180 forklift truck is designed to offer you the best possible return on investment over its entire lifespan.

Forklift trucks 18–52 ton

When your business demands equipment that’s ready for the heaviest, most challenging lifting operations, Kalmar’s heavy-duty forklifts offer everything you need.

Loaded container handlers

Our heavy-duty DCF-series loaded container handlers have been developed exclusively for ports and terminals, where productivity and reliable, smooth operation are a must.


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